Wellsboro outswims Jersey Shore

Wellsboro Summer Swim team wins final regular season meet!

by Drew Patrick – July 24, 2017

The Wellsboro Summer Swim Team hosted Jersey Shore for their final home meet on Saturday, July 22. Wellsboro won 8 out of 10 age groups on the day.

Wellsboro 8 & Under Girls won, 41-8, and the boys won 28-18. Wellsboro 9-10 teams both won, with the girls 49.5-24.5 and boys, 35-19.

Again, Wellsboro won both 11-12 year old girls and boys teams, with the girls score, 50-22. And a squeaker for the boys, 38-30.

Wellsboro 13-14 year old girls took a commanding victory of 55-15. However, the Jersey Shore boys team came ahead, 38-15 – but Wellsboro had one dominant performance by Brennan Warner, winning the 100-yard freestyle by 10 seconds.

For ages 15-18, the ladies came on top again, with a score of 46-29. Cathryne Brought won the 100 yard freestyle by an impressive 7 seconds.

Jersey Shore would round out the boys meet, edging Wellsboro 20-15.

There was a special towards the end of the meet as Wellsboro’s Olivia Kurtz and Jersey Shore’s Gabbie Moore took to the blocks. Olivia and Gabbie have been swimming with and against each other since they both were 6 years old. But they graduated this year, making this final individual race. The two swam stroke for stroke and finished, tied, with a time of 1:14:41 in the 100 yard butterfly.

Congratulations to the Wellsboro Summer Swim Team on a fantastic regular season.

Videography: Drew Patrick
Video Editing: Andrew Moore
Writing: Drew Patrick
Anchor: Drew Patrick
Correspondent: Ryan Campbell

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