Making the Cut – The Egleston Sisters

Do you have what it takes to compete at the next level?

Few people have encapsulated a community quite like the Egleston Sisters did for Elkland and Tioga County in the late 90’s. Marlo and Brooke led an Elkland squad to the 1996 PIAA Class A state championship. This was Marlo’s senior year and Brooke’s Freshman Year. To understand the magnitude of influence that this team had on Tioga County, Brooke told us a story.

“I ran into a stranger in a supermarket almost 20 years later who recognized me,” Brooke said. “And he told me that on the night of the State Championship he was hunting, and remembers crying in the woods after hearing Elkland had won.”

Only 3.8% of high school women basketball players have the opportunity to play at the collegiate level. Both Egleston sisters went on to play, not only at the next level, but Division I as well (a stat the NCAA has listed at 1.1%!) Marlo attended George Washington University in Washington DC. Brooke attended Duquesne University in Pittsburgh.

Academics was an important topic for both as they were Valedictorian in high school. Both advised development of academic prowess to prospective student athletes, and encourages all students to know their goal and be bold about it and back it up with the work needed achieve this goal.